Running on time on the HSL South

Performance indicator

Realisation in 2017

Realisation in 2016

Minimum value for 2017

Target value for 2019

Punctuality for passengers on the HSL South*





  • * Changed values as a result of technical changes that have been implemented in the performance indicators

Punctuality for passengers (to 5 minutes) on the HSL South is determined based on the punctuality of the IC direct and the IC from The Hague to Eindhoven. Punctuality for passengers (to 5 minutes) was 83.5% in 2017 (81.7% in 2016). The HSL South is highly vulnerable to disruptions that lead to follow-on cancellations and delays, thereby having a major impact on performance. Starting the introduction of the Intercity from The Hague to Eindhoven and a completely new timetable put heavy pressure on the annual figure because performance was down in the early months. The punctuality of domestic HSL trains improved in 2017 thanks to the implementation of improvement measures, including phone supervision of drivers by other drivers in the event of a train being stranded, directly focusing on departure punctuality of the IC direct and the IC The Hague-Eindhoven, deploying departure assistants at Amsterdam Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal, closer attention to signals being set to the safe position in good time, and tighter monitoring. There is an 'Intercity direct' improvement programme for improving performance in our HSL South services (Eindhoven-The Hague and the Intercity direct) and to make sure that preparations for the introduction of new services on the HSL South (Eurostar and Intercity Brussels) go smoothly. We are continuing that programme in 2018. Despite the continual focus on improving performance on the HSL, the introduction of the IC Brussels in 2018 will inevitably lead to a temporary dip in performance because of the increased congestion and complexity on the HSL South.