Chance of getting a seat on HSL South

Performance indicator

Realisation in 2017

Realisation in 2016

Minimum value for 2017

Target value for 2019

Seat availability at peak times (HSL South)*





  • * Changed values as a result of technical changes that have been implemented in the performance indicators

During peak periods, the likelihood of getting a seat on the HSL South in 2017 was 96.8% (2016: 97.3%). The IC direct is a popular train and passenger growth in 2017 was high, at 16%. Because NS is unable to add further carriages until the new Intercity rolling stock is introduced, the chance of getting a seat on the HSL South is affected by growth in passenger numbers and by cancelled trains. There is an improvement programme under way to reduce cancellations further, but because of the strong passenger growth it is expected that this indicator will fall further in future.