Punctuality for passengers to 15 minutes on the main rail network

Performance indicator

Realisation in 2017

Realisation in 2016

Minimum value for 2017

Target value for 2019

Punctuality for passengers (to 15 minutes) on the main rail network*





  • * Changed values as a result of technical changes that have been implemented in the performance indicators

The punctuality for passengers to 15 minutes on the main rail network in 2017 was 97.4% (2016: 97.3%). As with the 5-minute indicator, a feasible and reliable plan for the timetable is bearing fruit. Because the ‘punctuality for passengers’ KPI is affected by the reliability of the infrastructure and the rolling stock, NS attempts to keep the reliability and quality of the trains at the optimum level and to improve them. We made software modifications in the new Sprinter trains in the first six months of 2017 that reduced the number of errors with the doors and sliding steps. Thanks to a new approach, the introduction of the new FLIRT trains on the main rail network went satisfactorily. One component of this approach is that NS mechanics visit the factory during the construction of the trains.