Abellio is a fully-owned subsidiary of NS and operates in the passenger transport markets in the United Kingdom and Germany. Every day, Abellio people work to deliver safe, accessible and reliable public transport. Abellio aims to build strong relationships with its customers, stakeholders and employees.

Key figures (excl. Merseyrail)


Abellio UK

Abellio Germany

Number of employees



Revenue (in €M)

€ 1,742.90

€ 245.70

In 2017, Abellio achieved a turnover similar to 2016, being €2.1 billion[1], for Abellio UK, Abellio Germany and QBuzz combined. With the addition of West Midlands in UK and the acquisition of WestfalenBahn in Germany is it expected that the turnover will rise in 2018. However, the value of the British pound continued to decrease in 2017. As in 2016 the turnover figure is influenced by this exchange rate. Based on the 2016 exchange rate for the British pound, Abellio’s turnover in 2017 would have been 10% higher, excluding Qbuzz.

NS decided to start the process of selling Qbuzz in July 2016, with the implementation of the new NS strategy of ‘Spoorslags Beter’. The sale was completed in August 2017. Busitalia acquired all shares and continues to operate Qbuzz under this name in The Netherlands.

  • 1 This figure includes the turnover of Qbuzz in January-August 2017