Abellio Rail Nord Rhein Westfalia

In April 2017, Abellio has started the remainder of the Niederrhein-Netz by connecting Emmerich to Arnhem (NL). Twenty-one Flirt 3 trains have been built for this service, including seven three-system trains for cross border to Arnhem. The Flirt 3 trains need to be able to cope with three different power systems (1500V, 15kV and 25kV) and three train safety systems (ATB, ETCS and PZB) for the 17 kilometers that the route covers in the Netherlands. A new workshop was built in Duisburg for this purpose and is used intensively day and night.
Abellio Rail NRW is preparing the start of operations for the Rhein-Ruhr-Express (RRX) in December 2018.