Market regulation


The risk that politicians decide to split up the main rail network franchise, have a public tender for all or part of the franchise or to split off NS Stations, which would lead to a loss of some NS business operations and put pressure on the performance delivered to passengers.


The coalition agreement contains a few stated intentions relating to the regulation of the railways that might affect NS. This includes uncertainty about the market regulation of the railways after the current main rail network franchise ends and the ownership and commercial operation of NS stations as of 2025. Both themes will be dealt with explicitly in the midterm review. The coalition agreement also states that the HSL South will be put out to tender if NS fails to meet the agreed performance standard for the third time in a row, and expresses the intention to take three regional railway lines out of the main rail network and put them out to tender, and to convert ProRail into an autonomous administrative authority.


Various improvement programmes are being implemented within NS. These programmes should have an effect on our performance, making it good enough to increase the likelihood of a private tender to award the main rail network franchise. A team has also been established to put together NS’s offering for passengers for the years after 2024.

Risk control trend

The risk remains high, and NS will do everything possible to make sure it can continue to deliver good performance.

Residual risk

High. The current risk profile does not yet entirely match the desired risk profile.