Abellio UK Bus

Abellio UK Bus consists of Abellio London Bus and Abellio Rail Replacement. Abellio London Bus operates bus services under contract to Transport for London (TfL) from six leased bus depots located in South and West London and has a market share of 8.2% at the end of 2017 (2016: 8.4%). In Q2 2017 we significantly reduced the scale of our Surrey bus business (which was the regional part of our bus business), however we are in the process of expanding our London business with the construction of a new depot in West London. We anticipate that this could increase fleet capacity by approximately 135 buses and help drive the organic growth that the business is pursuing. We ended 2017 with 50 bus routes, running a fleet of 751 buses. Abellio London Bus achieved a Road Traffic Accident Rate of 47.2 per million kilometres in 2017 against a 2016 result of 39.4. The increase was as result of the reduction of the Surrey network and introduction of new routes.

In addition to our bus services in London we operate Abellio Rail Replacement, offering rail replacement services to all of our UK rail franchises as well as to some of our competitors. We also operate a small events management service which we plan to grow over our business plan period. This events management service provides bus services to events, such as major sporting events or corporate activities.