Collaboration with partners in the public transport sector

Work on the tracks often leads to disruptions for passengers. We are working together with our public transport partners to limit inconvenience as much as possible. We consult ProRail about when and how engineering work will take place, and we look at smart ways of organising the work in the long term. We make agreements with other public transport companies about fixed diversion routes when there is planned work. This lets us inform passengers beforehand better and offer an alternative with as little additional journey time as possible. Last year we used the transport capacity of other carriers such as RET, GVB, U-OV and Connexxion for 8 interruptions to services that lasted 52 hours or longer.

Cooperation in the regions

Both Arriva and NS have been operating in Limburg since the introduction of the 2017 timetable. Passengers in Limburg can travel with both carriers using a public transport smartcard and some ticket types are valid for both carriers (depending on the franchise). In the event of interruptions to the service or other disruptions, we work together to offer passengers an alternative. We also make agreements about efficient and useful deployment of security and service personnel.