A new collective labour agreement

NS and the trade unions (FNV, VVMC, VHS and CNV) concluded a new collective labour agreement in 2017 for the period 2017 to 2020. NS thinks it is important that employees get the best out of themselves and are able to work in a healthy and motivated way. Solid agreements were made with the unions on these topics in the collective labour agreement:

Individual budget

All NS employees will receive an individual budget totalling 750 euros for three years. They can use this money for facilities and activities that fit their personal wishes in the field of health and motivation at work. This could for instance be the fees for gym membership or a training course.


NS is encouraging mobility, for example by organising orientation days. These are days on which employees can learn about what their work colleagues in different disciplines do and about development positions for staff tied to shift schedules.

Part-time retirement scheme

A part-time retirement scheme will give older employees the possibility as of 1 January 2020 of gradually moving on to retirement by systematically reducing the working week. In this scheme, they will work for 28 hours, be paid for 32 and accrue pension as if they worked 36. This will be possible from five years before the state pension age. This scheme is financially more attractive than the current schemes for older staff and it gives employees more free time. The current schemes for older staff will continue to operate.