Leadership at NS

Managers in crucial positions in NS need to be effective and flexible if they are to be able to improve its performance. Managers in the operational departments play a key role. They can make sure that staff are noticed, listened to and helped so that they in turn can fulfil customers’ needs and meet the promises NS has made. We are therefore investing specifically in this group of managers, both in improving their performance and in their personal development. We are also working on promoting the current leaders and preparing the future leaders. We have a clear idea of the successors in both the longer and the shorter term for the 186 key positions. In 2017, 82% of appointments to key positions were from the internal succession planning.

Leadership development

We offer customised support and in-company leadership programmes to help staff with promotion potential make their next career move. The third edition of the Navigator leadership programme started in 2017: 14 participants earmarked for top-fifty positions in the company are receiving support in developing their leadership skills. The CAP programme has also started. In this programme, 20 candidates for senior management positions help define the next steps they need to make as a leader.
In 2017, 69 trainees took part in the trainee programmes for operational management, IT, procurement, technology and finance. Of the cohort that took part in 2016, 40% have now been promoted to more senior jobs. Internal studies over the past year show that personal development and sponsoring by the organisation are important factors determining career success among trainees.
The new curriculum for managers in NS Operatie became available at the start of 2017. We have introduced this new curriculum in order to bolster the management skills of our front-line managers.