Pleasant use of time

Customer surveys show that passengers were able to spend their travel time better and more pleasantly than in 2016. We have increased the Wi-Fi speed from 450 to 600 Mbps. We also set up the ‘Experience Trains’ programme last year to offer passengers something surprising during the journey. Examples include the train cinema during the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Pinkpop Express and the special carriages during the GLOW event in Eindhoven. We have also started the ‘Inspiring Journeys’ programme to provide passengers with inspirational facilities (in terms of both the interior and a digital environment) during the journey. During the Dutch Design Week, we experimented with innovations such as The Hood (a new approach to the train entrance), Luisterruit (podcasts for the train), MindfulNS (relaxation), Spoorwijs (to encourage social interaction) and Travel fit (to facilitate active sitting and standing). Many customers have expressed appreciation for the initiatives in the Experience Trains and Inspiring Journeys programmes.