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Train Experience Monitor


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79% (2016: 77%)

83% (2016: 81%)


85% (2016: 85%)

86% (2016: 87%)

NS uses the Train Experience Monitor every year to measure the scores that 24,000 passengers give for the quality of the trains and the journey. It helps us improve the services we provide to our passengers. The passengers’ assessment of the Intercity trains remained stable compared to a year ago. In both 2016 and 2017, 85% of our passengers gave a score of 7 out of 10 or higher for the Intercity trains. The assessment of the Sprinter trains saw a rise from 77% in 2016 to 79% in 2017, primarily due to the arrival of the new trains.

Clean trains

NS wants its passengers to be able to travel in clean trains via clean stations. That is why we clean them daily. Last year, 62% of passengers gave the cleanliness of trains a score of 7 out of 10 or higher (58% in 2016). Having cleaners on board during the train journey (‘on-track care’) resulted in numerous positive reactions from passengers. The number of trains that we clean completely on the inside every night has also increased. We have also improved our cleaning performance with innovation, by using special foils and coatings. We have also worked on preventing trains from running before they have been cleaned and on 100% service at the service centres. This initiative by the service centres started in 2017 with the goal of improving the service processes, so that trains are delivered clean and in order, according to plan. In 2018 we will be focusing on avoiding any negative outliers. Customer satisfaction with the cleanliness of stations also increased, from 75% in 2016 to 78% last year.