Better and More: developments on and around the tracks

In a programme called Beter en Meer (‘Better and More’), NS and ProRail are collaborating on improving performance on the tracks. To make travelling by train more attractive, a more reliable train service is needed (‘Better’) along with increased frequencies (‘More’). One aspect of ‘Better and More’ is the ‘Approach to Train Improvement’, in which we worked to produce a high-frequency timetable between Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Controls and adjustments

The programme component called ‘Controlling and Adjusting in the Future’ aims to restore train traffic as quickly as possible after a disruption. We have improved this by:

  • setting up the Central Monitoring and Decision-Making body in March 2017 so that decisions can be made more quickly about alternative plans when there are disruptions

  • launching the new Spoorweb communications system for controls and adjustments between ProRail and the carriers

  • introducing predefined adjustment measures in the South and Randstad North regions. This completes their introduction nationwide.