2018 timetable

The timetable was completely redesigned in 2017. The timetable for 2018, which commenced on 10 December 2017, has built on that basis. This resulted in improvements for the vast majority of passengers, but because space on the railways is limited, there may sometimes be a deterioration for others. The key change in the new timetable is the ‘ten-minute train’ (six an hour) that runs seven days a week between Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven. That means shorter waiting times and a higher chance of getting a seat. Numerous changes are being made around ‘s-Hertogenbosch to make the ten-minute trains and more direct Sprinter connections possible, for instance between Arnhem and Dordrecht and at peak times between Oss and Deurne. The journey time for the Sprinter between Eindhoven and ’s-Hertogenbosch will be shorter. In total, the introduction of the new timetable means that we are running about 130 more trains every working day. Other changes:

  • Extra trains between Meppel and Leeuwarden

  • More Sprinter trains at peak times between Utrecht Centraal and Houten Castellum

  • Shorter journeys at peak times between towns in the province of Zeeland and the Randstad conurbation, in the busier direction

  • More Intercity trains in the evenings and at weekends from Utrecht Centraal to Eindhoven, Schiphol Airport and Nijmegen

  • Four rather than two Intercity trains an hour on Sundays between Alkmaar and Amsterdam Centraal

  • Direct trains from Enkhuizen to Utrecht and then on to Eindhoven and Heerlen

We work closely with other rail carriers when drawing up a new timetable. We also inform other passenger carriers such as bus companies in good time about our plans so that they can respond to them.